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Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Welcome to my freshly produced website for Sky Robert, my very own Nom De Plum for work that has a steamier level of intimacy in my paranormal romances.

Using an alternative name is not because I am ashamed of my work, and need to secret myself away, but because I want to make sure that people are picking up books that they will enjoy and when they search for a particular author name that there is consistency in meeting expectations.

Sky Robert romances will be for my steamier books. Still lots of great plot and character building like the rest of my fantasy romances, but with some word smut added in. That's right, there is quite a bit of plot that focuses on getting to the naughty bits wrapped up in a fun fantasy escape with aliens, werewolves, vampires, fae, and any other fantasy creature that catches my interest. And of course my favorite trope of all, fated mates.

Please make sure to join my Newsletter for Sky Robert Romances to be informed when a new book is released: SKY ROBERT ROMANCES NEWSLETTER through Mailerlite

Start reading romance immediately with a shifter werewolf/fae romance on Dreame with Mated to the Enemy:

More Romances to come, Stay Tuned!

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