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Stand alone romances, Enjoy multiple books in the same universe with each series. Guaranteed happily ever after for now, HEAFN, and a few steamy scenes with each fated mate. Every book unlocks a little more of the universe, and new romance.

Aliens, werewolves, fae, vampires, and more oh my!

Sky Robert is a num de plum work that has a bit more spice level for Author Stevie Marie. Find more Fantasy Romances here

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Jewel of an Alien Bandit

Book One in the Treasure of Trillume Series

*Cover Pending* Debut Coming 2023

I'm supposed to be taking rulership of my planet when I find myself sneaking aboard an off-worlder's ship to convince him to help my people find scientists capable of solving Estreldez's food imports and spawning decline that didn't involve being under the thumb of Krelis or Necia control.
It’s just my bad luck that the last known Shol male is a compatible mate when being with him could jeopardize my entire species. I was a leader, and it was my clan duty to mate for survival… not love. He couldn’t be mine if I wished to protect my planet from invasion, because mating with his nearly extinct species was reason enough for unscrupulous outlaws to get away with attacking my planet without them breaking any star system codes.
I can’t keep him. He has an obligation to any surviving Shol to spawn with his own kind, and I have to mate for political protection of my planet as the next Almder Leader of Estreldez. It won’t work, but my mating loh react to his touch, and everything in me wants him to be mine.

This is book one of the Treasures of Trillume series. Each a standalone romance, consensual spicy level 4 times, and an overarching plot laced between each book. World building sci-fi adventure but with a sexy twist. Strong females, and possessive (but respectful) love interests. For all you alien lovers out there that like vibrating, pulsating extremities, and mates that bond for life. The steamy bare chest should be evidence enough of what you are getting yourself into. You’re welcome.




Writing by the Water

“A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity”

Franz Kafka